5:16 pm - Wednesday May 23, 9077

Islamic speaker Taheri filed a case for propaganda

On allegations of promoting propaganda via social media, Islamic speaker Mufti Gias Uddin Taheri filed a complaint in a Sylhet court on Thursday. Around 12 p.m., he lodged a complaint against 15 individuals before the Sylhet Cyber Tribunal. The information was corroborated by Taheri’s attorney, Saifur Rahman.

According to the complaint, Islamic speaker Taheri was accused of accepting Rs 33,000 in advance for holding a mahfil in Baliganj, Sylhet. The mahfil’s organising committee, on the other hand, advertised the location and featured Taheri’s photo on the banner and on the posters.

He did not attend the mahfil. He received a great deal of hatred on social media from individuals who were really enraged. Taheri said that he did not know anything about the gathering taking place. He was unaware that his name had been used on the mahfil poster, which was posted without his permission.

His reputation has been tarnished as a result of the use of his name on posters and the dissemination of misinformation on social media. As per the statement of Mufti Gias Uddin Taheri, he hadn’t demanded any payment and had no reason to receive it. He also said that the news is totally propaganda and that some people want to hamper his reputation. As a result, he has filed a lawsuit in the name of those who were engaged.

In a Facebook Live video, he claimed to have been “insulted.” The rumour of not attending the mahfil has been disseminated, along with the claim that they are collecting money. As a result, I was compelled to launch a lawsuit. My application was taken into consideration by the court. The learned advocate mentioned that

As reported by the organising committee, Taheri delivered the keynote address at the Waz Mahfil. Taheri was scheduled to arrive at Pailanpur, Balaganj, in the afternoon of the previous day. In addition, the organising group paid Tk 33,000 in advance to his APS in two instalments in exchange for his participation in the mahfil. However, repeated phone calls to the cellphone number of Taheri’s personal assistant have gone unanswered since Tuesday morning. Taheri said that people who defrauded others by impersonating him and using his APS identity should be punished by the law.