5:15 pm - Monday May 13, 1444

Jovago plans to change tourism scenario of BD

Following the launch of its venture office in Bangladesh last month, Jovago.com is set to go for a large-scale acquisition of hotels over the next months.

After taking the lead across several countries and moving across continents, Jovago, the global online hotel booking website this time has come to Bangladesh to set its feet deep with a plan of massive acquisition of hotels under its belt. In accordance to that, sessions of countrywide employment has been going on this month, hiring Sales Executives across the districts and signing of hotels to get affiliated with Jovago.com, following the launch of its venture office in Bangladesh last month.

JovagoTheir objective now is to have more than 500 hotels on the Jovago.com website over the next 3 months and bring all of them under one roof and at travellers’ fingertips.

“For Jovago.com to become relevant for our customers, we have to offer them a large range of hotels in all categories. We are on that mission to provide the largest portal of hotel options for people who are planning their travels all across Bangladesh.” said Sharjil Hannan, the Managing Director of Jovago.com in Bangladesh.

Currently, the destinations Jovago.com has covered are Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet and Gazipur, so customers will be able to book hotels around these places online now already through the site. New destinations will include Bandarban, Rangamati, Bogra, Rangpur, Kuakata, Khulna and other places in the Dhaka region in no time.

Sharjil added “I have a feeling people who will visit Jovago.com in the coming months will be surprised by the number of hotels that are available in the new destinations we are exploring. The ability to make online reservations is an added convenience.”

Since its inception in 2013, Jovago has become the No.1 Hotel Booking Website in Africa, active in over 40 countries. With over 200,000 destinations online, they provide customers with full and reliable information about the destinations on offer. Jovago.com now plans to become the No. 1 online hotel booking website in Bangladesh with the largest database of hotels to choose from.