July-Sept exports to Europe post modest growth

Key destinations of country’s export market like Germany, UK and France a posted modest growth in the first quarter (July-September) of the current fiscal (2013-14) as compared to the same period of the last fiscal (2012-13).

In July-September of the current fiscal, exports to Germany totaled $ 1,237.60 million, which was 16.22 percent of total export earnings for the three-month period. Of the amount, knitwear accounted for $ 701.65 million, woven garments $ 440.66 million and frozen shrimp $ 23.27 million, according to latest figures released by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).

The EPB figures showed exports to the UK during July-September totaled $ 729.37 million, which was 9.56 percent of the total export earnings for the period.

made-in-bangladeshExport of RMG items to the UK accounted for $ 652.30 million in July-September of 2013-14, a growth of 10.81 percent over $588.67 million during the same period of the previous fiscal. The home textile export to the UK during the period was $ 18.77 million, frozen shrimp $ 16.97 million and bicycles $ 16.82 million.

Exports to France during the July-September period of the current fiscal increased to $ 384.26 million, which accounted for 5.04 percent of the total export earnings for the period.

RMG exports to France rose to $ 351.21 million in July-September of fiscal 2013-14 as against $ 284.29 million during the same three-month period of the previous fiscal, showing a 23.54 percent growth.

Exports to Italy totaled $ 303.36 million this July-September with knitwear accounting for $ 174.13 million, woven garment $ 95.82 million and leather $ 12.60 million.

Exports to Belgium amounted to $ 259.52 million that included knitwear $ 114.44 million, woven garment $ 91.46 million and frozen shrimp $ 32.05 million.

Export earnings from the USA, the largest market for Bangladesh goods, registered a growth of 15.74 percent in July-September of the current fiscal totaling $ 1,466.65 million, which was 19.23 percent of the total export earnings for the period.

The Netherlands, another big export destination for Bangladesh, imported goods worth $ 233.15 million during the July-September period. The amount included knitwear $ 99.81 million, woven garment $ 68.69 million and frozen shrimp $ 29.92 million.

Among the Middle East, Far East and South Asian countries, exports to Iran fetched $ 25.91 million during the first three months of the current fiscal while exports to Japan totaled $ 241.27 million, Singapore $ 26.62 million and China $ 157.89 million.

Among the South Asian countries, exports to India amounted to $ 91.75 million during the period that included jute and jute made goods $ 11.11 million and woven garment $ 25.08 million while exports to Pakistan totaled $ 11.76 million, including $ 7.76 million from jute and jute made goods.