Migrant workers hurry home for MRPs

Fearing he would lose his job in Malaysia, Mohiuddind flew to Dhaka just to get a Machine Readable Passport (MRP).

Mohiuddin, a plastic factory worker in the Kelantan province of Malaysia and blamed the mismanagement of new passports solely on the Bangladesh Government. He said that there are about seven lakh Bangladeshi migrant workers residing in m workersMalaysia all of whom are in need of MRPs. His job was threatened when the management told him that he must have an MRP for the extension of his work permit.

Mohiuddin along with a few others made the expensive trip to Dhaka only to get their passports but expressed great relief upon receiving them. He said that many other Bangladeshis are planning on coming to Dhaka whereas the rest have left it all up to fate.

Many migrant workers are spending their hard earned money on air fare only because the Bangladeshi Government could not ensure new MRPs for all the migrant workers. Nearly 40,000 have become “undocumented” workers in the last few months many of whom are in the risk of losing their jobs for not being able to get their new passports on time.

– Ittefaq Report


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