NBR holds partnership dialogue with CAB

National Board of Revenue (NBR) has arranged a partnership dialogue with consumer’s association of Bangladesh (CAB), Intellectual Property Association of Bangladesh (IPAB), Joint Stock Company, Bangladesh Bank & BASIS with a view to protect revenue and ensure consumer rights. The dialogue has taken place in NBR conference room at the capital city Dhaka.

Mr. Nojibur Rahman- chairman, NBR – Presided over the meeting where the high- officials of the government and representatives of the aforesaid parties were present. In this occasion, Mr. IPAB-PhotoMd. Azizur Rahman FCS –Director General, IPAB – has said that ‘IPAB always tries to play front line role to ensure Intellectual Property Rights. The association has also run a campaign under the slogan ‘NOKOL RUDHBO, CHORACHALAN RUKHBO, RAJOSSO AI BARABO, DESH GORBO which supports the views of NBR. Also IPAB is currently working for “IP Digitalization in Bangladesh” – a modern and effective method which will be used by consumers to identify the originality of the products and services. Subsequently, the collection to Government’s revenue will be increased and ultimately the country will be benefited.’

He also pointed out that, the Government is losing more than seven thousand crore taka in a year only due to IP Infringement issues currently. In his opinion, successful installation of the digitalization process would reduce the big loss in terms of revenue & as a consequence, three types of people will be benefited directly – The Government, The manufacturers & ultimately the consumers. This initiatives will enable the consumers to get genuine products at actual prices & will reduce the chance of getting fake and counterfeit products and services. Finally he hoped to work with IP Wing of NBR in long run for achieving the SDG goal of Government. Mr. Abdul Hai – registrar RJSC, Dr. Shadat Hossen – Director of CAB, Golam Rahman – Chairman of CAB & former Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and, Mr. Abdul Jabbar – President of BASIS – were also present in the meeting and delivered their speech regarding the consumers’ rights.


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