Course on network, security essentials for police at AIUB

A Group of 30 police officers from the Police Telecom department was awarded their Network and Security Essentials course completion certificate on Thursday, May 29th at the Cisco Lab under the AIUB Cisco Regional Academy.

2014 06 01 PRESS RELEASE -  AIUB  CISCO ACADEMY HANDS OUT NETWORK AND SECURITY Essential CERTIFICATES TO POLICE OFFICIALS v2 (1)The group was headed by the Superintendent of Police; Mr. Shofiqul Islam. The certificates were handed over to the successful candidates by Mr. Md. Manirul Islam, Director, Continuing Education Center at AIUB. This training program was coordinated and Assisted by Mr. Lutfar Rahman, Director, Public Relations and legal Affairs of AIUB.

This training program is part of the efforts of the management of the police department to modernize the police force by developing their human resource capability, especially in the area of information and communications Technology. During the 4 months long specialized hands-on training, the officers were being taught how to independently design, develop, and manage their own computer networks and protect sensitive information assets from intruders.

In the last part of the training session, they learnt how to penetrate and assess network and system level vulnerabilities and devise effective mitigation techniques. This will eventually boost the police force’s ability to maintain law and order with added technological edge. It may be mentioned here that previously AIUB also provided IT Essentials training to more than 1000 Police and RAB officers/personals.

This training program for government officials is part of AIUB’s community outreach program to share their technical knowledge with other sections of society and to make a tangible contribution in the government’s vision of Digital Bangladesh.