5:16 pm - Monday May 23, 5042

Onion imports through Benapole resume after 2 months

Bangladeshi traders have started to import onions from India through Benapole Land Port after a suspension of two months.

The import cost per kg of onion is Tk34. The cooking essential is being sold at the market at Tk36 per kg, reports UNB.

Importers said the prices of onions will drop further as the import volume goes up.

Bangladesh imported 117 metric tonnes of onions from India Thursday afternoon.

Shamim Gazi, an importer of Benapole, said: “My company imported 117 metric tonnes of onion from India as the government had allowed us to do so.”

Benapole Port Deputy Director Abdul Jalil said the port is open 24 hours for quick unloading of the imported onions.