USG demands to protect heritage sites

News Desk/UNB

Urban Study Group (USG) formed a Human chain rally in front of the National Museum at Shahabag demanding to protect 100 years aged heritage architectures of Old Dhaka.

They demanded to stop demolishing the traditional ‘Nilam Ghar’ of puran Dhaka which govt. has leased to Bar Association for one year.

But Bar Association has planned to make a six storied building breaking the law and verdicts of high court as it is prohibited to destroy such heritage sites.

“Bar Association has already broke a huge portion of the traditional Nilam Ghar though we protested it and informed it to the proper authorities to take urgent initiatives but authorities didn’t take any proper action,” main executive of USG, Taimur Rahman said.

He also said, ” while we were protesting the damage to the building, they abused us physically and scolded us in front of government officials but they didnt do anything. ”

Protesting the violation of law, Taimur said, “we want government to take quick initiative to save this heritage and bring all those law violators under proper trail.”

Urban study group is an organisation that consists of the people of puran Dhaka which works for protecting old architectures of puran Dhaka.