4:53 pm - Wednesday May 24, 7950

Police operation begins in capital against tinted glasses    

Police started operation in the capital on Sunday against all artificial coverings including nontransparent and tinted glasses from car windows, UNB reports.

“We began the operation from today (Sunday). We are monitoring it from various points of the capital,” Deputy Commissioner (Public Relations) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Masudur Rahman told UNB.

tinted-glassesHe said that any vehicle found with tinted black glasses except the built-in coverings during the time of their assembly at the factories will be fined maximum Tk 2,500.

Masudur Rahman informed that the operation will continued until further orders from the Home Ministry.

In the wake of growing incidents of abduction across the country, the Home Ministry on April 30 issued a circular banning the use of black/colorful/non-transparent/mercury glasses in cars.

The circular also asked for the removal of such glasses by May 10.