5:16 pm - Friday May 24, 3720

Raising ducks changes destiny of Hamid Mollah

The Chinese, even the ancient Greeks believed in ducks as companion of fortune. It might have been a simple belief or a taboo, but for Abdul Hamid Mollah of Ullahpara, Sirjganj, raising duck has symbolized his great fortune. His ‘Molla Hatchery’ has become an icon of overcoming his and many villagers’ poverty and bringing a great esteem of earning an enviable livelihood.

A ride off 3 kilometer from Ullahpara town and leaving Bhutgacha bus-stand for a little walk, one will smoothly reach his hatchery at Bhutgacha village, because it is now so known to everybody there. ‘Mollah Hatchery’ is equipped and has the expertise to hatch duck chics from 25 to 28 days. “Islami Bank,” testifies Monsur Ali, a villager and an admirer of Hamid, “has totally changed Mollah’s destiny.”

In 2011 Hamid began his journey with an investment of Tk. 20 thousand from Islami Bank’s Rural Development Scheme (RDS). In rapid succession, he proved his portfolio of enterprising Duckcapacity as his investment limit kept enhancing from Tk. 50 thousand to Tk. 70 Thousand and to Tk. 1 Lac 10 thousand, then Tk. 3 Lac from Bai-Muajjal scheme. Now he runs an investment worth Tk. 5 Lac. His farm is now capable of hatching as many as 10,000 eggs which are saleable within 4 weeks. Meeting wages and all cost heads of production and utilities’ bills he could fairly make a profit of more than Tk. 50 thousand each month.

The happiest beneficiary of Hamid Mollah is none other than his caring wife Anju Ara, who had to live a miserable life with their five daughters, so much so, that they made off three daughters’ wedding away even before they finished their school years. Now fortune has touched down their thatch, as it is now transformed into a constructed abode of grace and affluence. Equally happy are the 14 members of the ‘Duck family’, the dedicated workers of the farm, who now have a confirnred wage to live with self – esteem and dignity, sharing Mollah’s acumen and enterprising pursuit.

Like Hamid Mollah, more 1 million families from 20 thousand villages of the country have got rid of proverty by the finacial assistance of Rural Development Scheme of the Bank. The scheme has brought self-reliance and prosperity in the life its of members. Few years back, the rural population was poor fellow. Islami Bank has been contributing in women’s empowerment, employment generation and financial inclusion in rural Bangladesh through this scheme.