RangsTel brings fastest internet in Bangladesh

Private Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) operator RangsTel has launched the fastest internet in Bangladesh thru its lastmile Gegabit network. Alongside voice, the service of 1,000 mbps (Megabyte per Second) data speed will change the experiences of internet use, said the speakers at the inauguration ceremony.
State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim, MP on Sunday morning launched the fastest internet by RangsTel in a city hotel as the chief guest.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Posts, Telecommunications and final-group-_-rankstell-logo-unveilling-small-sizeInformation Technology Ministry Imran Ahmed, MP and Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Chairman Dr. Shahjahan Mahmood were present on the occasion as special guests.
RanksTel Managing Director Romo Rouf Chowdhury and RangsTel Chief Executive Officer S. M Ashiqur Rahman also spoke at the inauguration ceremony.
Tarana Halim said, “RanksTel with its new logo, fastest internet and commitment has started for a new journey. However, this service should not be limited to corporate only; it should also reach common people.” Minister emphasized on quality of services and monitoring.
Imran Ahmed said, “We’ve taken initiatives to ensure the security of cyber space, and expect that the fastest internet service would play vital role in development of country and economic progress.”
Dr. Shahjahan Mahmood said, “As not a regulator, BTRC wants to work as facilitator for the local telecom entrepreneurs. We want local entrepreneurs are moved forward and we are ready to offer all kinds of cooperation to them..”

Romo Rouf Chowdhury said, “We’ve introduced new services in telecom industry combining with local talent and global experiences. We are connecting our subscribers through optical fiber to ensure a good customer experience.”  M Ashiqur Rahman said, “We launched

M Ashiqur Rahman said, “We launched fastest internet in country’s history and the corporate clients would get the services for now. We would take this service to mass within next two to three months. We want to bring new services to customers in terms of voice, data and device connectivity.”

In the ceremony, an audio-visual was presented on the journey of RangsTel. Invited guests visited the Experience Zone for live demo of the fastest internet


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