4:34 pm - Thursday October 17, 0971

Relation between Israel, UAE brighten 

There is no reason to believe that diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirate would facilitate improvement of relations with Palestinians as well since Israeli Prime Minister agreed to abandon inclusion of the West Bank as Israeli territory, writes Mohammad Amjad Hossain.

Some writers gave credit to President Donald Trump for normalizing relations with the United Arab Emirate and Israel since Egypt and Jordan has had diplomatic relations with Israel negotiated by Presidents of the United States. UAE is the first Gulf country to normalize relations with Israel although both countries have security relations. 

Although UAE is the first Gulf country to normalize relation with Israel but the fact remains that Israel is the illegal occupant of the Palestinian territory after war in 1967. The fact of the matter is that conflict arose between Israel and Palestinian following occupation of the territory by Israel in 1967. Despite a series of resolutions by the security council of the United Nation all the resolutions remained unimplemented as of now. In fact, the world body becomes inactive to resolve the crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory as of now. According to the agreement Israel did not commit to abandon the idea to annex the west Bank of Palestine. 

The agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirate has been denounced by spokesperson of President Mahmoud Abbas while another faction of Palestinian Hamas commented by saying deal a stab in the back of Palestine. It is interesting to note that Arab League has refrained from condemning the deal between Israel and United Arab Emirate. 

It is very difficult to feel delighted that there would be some progress in the bog downed relation between Israel and Palestinian in spite Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden called It” brave and badly needed”. The fact of the matter is that UAE has had relations with Israel for years but has little to contribute to resolve the core issue of Palestine. 

Present state of Israel is the gift by the British after the fall of Ottoman empire during the first world war while Lebanon by France. Since then lot of waters have flown in the Mediteranea sea but dispute between Israel and leaders of Palestinian continue to remain as of now. For these situations both leaders of Palestinian and Israel are responsible. Leaders of Israel should acknowledge. There is no hide and seek but fact remains that the present population in Israel are the sufferer at the hand of western countries, including Germany and Russian federation. This Pogrom began during the Bolshevik revolution followed by Nazis seized power in Germany in 1933. Therefore, no reason of Jews in Israel to live peacefully with Palestinians because Jews are allowed to live in Palestinian territory following withdrawal of British troops after first world war. Resolution 181 of the United Nation General Assembly speaks for partition of Palestine into Jews and Arab states. In fact, the British are responsible for creating problems around the world. While withdrawing from India in 1947 the British had left the problem in Jammu-Kashmir also. Similar situation exists in Palestine. Here both Palestine and British are responsible. 

Document of normalization of relation between Israel and the United Arab Emirate is likely to be signed at White House on 15 September wherein Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister of UAE will be signed in presence of President Donald Trump of the United states of America. This ceremony at White House will improve the image of President Donald Trump who is facing the presidential election in November this year. 

Mohammad Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh and former President Toastmaster International club of America, writes from Falls church of Virginia