Robi 4.5G network in country over 11,000 Sites

Robi has become the first mobile operator to have on-aired more than 11,000 4.5G sites in the country. This firmly puts Robi as the undisputed market leader in 4.5G network in Bangladesh.

Robi has achieved this coveted milestone by expanding its 4.5G network to each and every Upazilla of the country. This means- Robi’s 4.5G network now ensures 80% population coverage. In other words, every four out of five citizens of the country are now being served by Robi’s video strong 4.5G network.

Using the dynamic spectrum technology, Robi has proved itself to be the most efficient operator in utilizing spectrum to ensure the best video experience on its 4.5G network. Being the only operator to use U900/L900 spectrum technology, makes Robi the undisputed champion in the indoor coverage arena. Moreover, Robi is the first operator to launch VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service in the country, providing customers HD quality voice calling experince using the widest 4.5G network.

Robi aims to provide the best video experience to its consumers. With HD video calling to stay connected with friends and family, Buffer free streaming of videos, learning new things every day with tutorials, going live, video gaming with friends or just enjoying social media – the widest 4.5G video strong network is there to deliver new experiences every day.

Commenting on this outstanding achievement, Robi’s Managing Director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said: “The manner in which we launched our 4.5G service, we made it clear that we are determined to dominate the digital future. I am very proud to note that we are making good on our promise in this regard by being the first operator to cross 11,000 4.5G sites milestone. This certainly sets us on a path to sustainably offer new experiences in the lives of our customers powered by our video strong 4.5G network.”