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SHAI Tea becomes sponsor of L&HR Inter Department Photography Exhibition: 2022

Shai Premium Tea becomes a sponsor for the event titled ‘L&HR Inter-Department Photography Exhibition: 2022′ organized by UAP Law Photography Club.

The launch of the Al-Hikmah Trade International’s Shai Tea project, which seeks to restore this wheel to its full integrity and natural extract, is one of the important components of the refreshment. Shai Tea, a product of Al-Hikmah Trade International, is a well-known brand in Bangladesh. The mission of this renowned brand is to bring organic and pure tea to people all around the world. Shai Tea has approached the households of the people of Bangladesh’s 64 districts. Shai Tea’s innovative and neat grains captivate tea connoisseurs.

As a consequence, Shai Tea has readily acquired the trust, faith, and affection of the people. Sazzad Hossain Sajib is the founder and CEO of Shai Tea, Afridi Anwar is the General Manager of this well-known company and Abu Zafar Obaidullah Manik plays a vital role as Assistant General Manager of Shai Tea.

UAPLPC Presents ‘L&HR Inter-Department Photography Exhibition: 2022′ will take place at the Plaza of the University of Asia Pacific from 18th – 20th April 2022. Approximately 1500 participants from 8 departments including the masters’ program will participate.  Registration will be continued from 10th-13th April 2022 at the UAP Plaza. In the inauguration program Vice-Chancellor of the University of Asia Pacific, Prof Qumrul Ahsan, Director of DSW, Head of Law Department, convener of the club and faculties of UAP will be present.