Shishir on Veet’s pursuit of beauty, glamour

Veet is the world’s leading brand of women’s hair removal products. Its brand stands for beauty, care and feminine self-expression. Over the years, Veet Bangladesh has been able to uphold this image with massive projects such as the “Veet Channel I Top Model” and most recently the “Veet Girls on the go” contest. Following on from these successful initiatives, the img_5545market leading brand is about to embark again on something truly unique in partnership with celebrity style icon Ummey Roman Ahmed Shishir.

Recently, Shishir signed an agreement to endorse the initiative at the Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh offices. The signing ceremony was also attended by Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Limited’s Managing Director Vishal Gupta, Marketing Director Syed Tanzim Rezwan and other officials.

The campaign will indulge consumers into something never before seen on its journey of making women feel more confident. It also aims to create a huge buzz on digital platforms and strengthen Veet’s position in being strongly associated with beauty and glamour.