Sit-in program at JU demanding reform in proposed pay-scale

Teachers of Jahangirnagar University (JU) staged sit-in program and works abstention on Monday for two-hour long in front of Human and Arts Building demanding reform in the eight national proposed pay-scales what the teachers said is ‘discriminatory’ for them.

DSCN9842Under the banner of ‘Jahangirnagar University Teacher’s Association’, a good number of demonstrating teachers from different departments gathered at a protesting program, a part of countrywide program of Bangladesh University Teachers Association Federation.

The teachers demanded a separate pays-cale for university teachers and for senior professors to get the same pay as that of senior secretaries. The demonstrators also threatened to go for a tougher agitation programme if their demand would not be met immediately.

Moderated by Prof Mafruhi Satter, secretary of JUTA, Prof Khabir Uddin, President of JUTA, Prof Kamrul Ahsan, former scretary of JUTA, Prof Rasheda Akhter, Director of JU Student Welfare and Councelling Centre, Prof ATM Atiqur Rahman, Chairman of History Department, Prof Abdur Rab, Chairman of Mathematics, among others, addressed the rally during the protest program.

-Assad, JU Correspondent