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SK C&C completes construction of backbone networks

SK C&C unveiled on July 6 that it has successfully completed a project to establish Bangladesh’s national backbone network system, called an “Expressway for Informatization.”

For two years and seven months since 2012, the company has implemented the project to connect 368 websites of the central government and public organizations through a single backbone network and control fiber-optic cable networks, transmission networks, and Internet networks across the country.

Lee Soo-youngThe 32 billion won (US$29 million) project has now enabled Bangladesh’s public information, which used to be managed separately by local governments, to be controlled under the new integrated network system, SK C&C said.

SK C&C has also established a comprehensive maintenance system called the Total Operation Support System (TOSS), which manages the overall system including the operation software, to monitor the performances and errors, or change the configurations, in real time, in addition to the management of the basic infrastructure servers and storage of the e-Government network system.

Starting with the project, the Korean IT service provider hopes to secure more business opportunities in Bangladesh, which is building up diverse e-Government services such as land registration, taxation, and resident registration.

“We have established a close relationship with the Bangladeshi government authorities through the project,” said Doh Ji-hun, head of the company’s global business, adding, “SK C&C will make continuous efforts as a trusted IT service partner for the country’s development of information technologies.”