Students urged not go to brokers for US visa assistance

Consul General of the US Embassy in Dhaka Jamie Fouss on Thursday suggested Bangladeshi students interested to study in the United Sates not to go to brokers for assistance and refrain from submitting false statements saying it may permanently damage a student’s opportunity to study there.

“I want to leave you with this strong message for both visitors and student visa applicants. No one should ever pay a broker for a guaranteed visa. These brokers can’t deliver,” he told reporters at a press conference at the American Centre.

Fouss said false stories and fake documents often end up with a refusal and a permanent mark against the applicant, reports UNB.

usa-flagHe highly suggested anyone interested in studying in the US to go to EducationUSA instead of going to brokers for assistance.

“The US likes having foreign students in their schools. This is good for Americans for a number of reasons…America benefits in so many ways. Visitors are good for US-Bangladesh cultural ties and they’re good for the US economy.”

Press and Information Office of the US Embassy, Kelly McCarthy who was also present at the press conference said, “It’s a win-win situation. The US institutions win, American students win and Bangladesh also wins when students return to Bangladesh.”

Consul General Fouss said the number of visa has increased significantly. “Comparing this year with last, non-immigrant visa applicants and the number of visas we issued has doubled.”

He mentioned that they issued more than 25,000 visitor visas and more than 2,200 student visas in the past year. “We’re aware that there are many unscrupulous agents and brokers selling false information. They promise they can help people get a US visa and they charge them a lot of money,” the official said.

Fouss also said these individuals may do more harm than good with their schemes and may permanently damage opportunity to qualify for a visa in the future. “EducationUSA is the very best source for current, comprehensive, and accurate information and they will give you free and useful advice.”

He also said honest answers sound credible and make it easier for an officer to find a student qualified.

The official, however, said while genuine and honest answers do not guarantee a visa, they cost nothing and will help ensure a fair and objective interview in accordance with the law.

Fouss also suggested applicants not to submit false bank statements as they verify things calling bank to the bank concerned.