Tackling rush hour survival in Ramadan

Carmudi shares to stay safe on the road during this festive month

As millions of Muslims in Bangladesh are fasting, daily life and activities change dramatically. Dhaka roads bustle with cars especially during pre-Iftar hours, as people rush to drive back home. With all the hustle and bustle, Carmudi, the leading online car classifieds in Bangladesh, shares tips on how to stay safe on the road during this festive month. Buckle up!

Given the flexibility of work hours during Ramadan, it is ideal to leave work early to avoid traffic. Plan a time buffer in case of delays and figure out the best and fastest route to take. Planning the time and distance effectively will truly help you in the long run in avoiding traffic jam in Dhakaand driving recklessly, ensuring you getting home safe just in time for Iftar.

Know your limits:

Be aware of your physical condition when behind the wheel. Fasting means that you are prone to dehydration and low blood sugar levels. When you feel exhausted and drowsy, don’t hesitate to pull over. Your safety, your passenger’s safety and other people’s safety comes as a priority. If driving is no longer an option, park your car at a secure place and grab a taxi. Don’t mind being late, people will understand!

Practice defensive driving

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of road crash fatalities with close to 4,000 road deaths annually according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. Communication while driving is key, so use those turn signals when you are about to switch lanes or turn on a roundabout. Also be sure to keep a safe distance from the car in front of yours. Giving yourself some space to break is always a good idea. Note to self: expect the unexpected.

Keep your cool and take the high road:

With everyone rushing to get back home before Iftar, people tend to drive more carelessly, meaning you are bound to encounter some road rage. When this does happen, inhale, exhale, and let it go. Releasing your anger will not only drain more of your energy, it could also break your fast. Forgive and continue your journey back home. The holy month is also about forgiveness, after all.

Leave the keys at home:

Traffic during normal, everyday rush hours are bad, but Ramadan rush hours are worse. If you are not able to picture yourself stuck in a traffic deadlock for hours while your stomach is rumbling all ready for Iftar, leaving the keys at home and walking would be the best alternative. Not only are you relieving yourself from road-stress, you would also benefit from some good exercise!

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