‘TARKIK’ holds debate workshop at UAP

A workshop titled ‘Parliamentary Debate Workshop’ organized by ‘TARKIK’ a debate club of the Department of Pharmacy, University of Asia Pacific in the capital with a view to helping young debaters in developing their skills.
Presided over by Tamanna Islam Tanni, President of ‘TARKIK’ Debating Club and Rahul Hasan moderated the session. Shahriar Islam Shoovn, Former General Secretary of Debating and Public Speaking Club (DPSC) conducted the workshop. Previously, Mr Shovon served as Vice President of the UAP Law Orators Debating Club.
Speakers at the workshop laid emphasis on achieving proper skills to deliver better performance in debate competitions.
Runa Akter, Convener of ‘TARKIK’ said more students in university levels are now participating in debate competitions in comparison with the past. The educational institutions and some organisations are also offering more scopes for them.


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