Terrorism a grim threat in my country: CJ

Chief Justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha today said terrorism has become a serious threat to the security of his country and there was an urgent need to curb activities of groups like IS.

Delivering a speech at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) here, Justice Sinha said time has come for the entire world to stand together to fight IS and other forms of terrorism.

His statement came in the wake of recent killings of a Japanese and an Italian in Bangladesh CJ BDwithin one week. The Islamic State (IS) has reportedly claimed responsibility for the fatal attack on Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella.

“We (Bangladesh) are trying hard to combat terrorism. It is a global issue, which India and Bangladesh are facing at the same time. Terrorism has become a major problem now. ISIS was behind several acts, such as burning of Jordanian pilot, mass slaughter, beheading, stoning, etc,” he said.

“We need to put an end to these acts by ISIS. In Bangladesh, terrorism has become a serious threat to our national security. It has become a threat to life, economy and political as well as religious pluralism in Bangladesh.

“Incidents of religious assassination, political violence and bombings in some parts have stunned the nation. Similar eventualities are faced by India, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir,” the Justice Sinha said.

He called for other countries to join hands in uprooting terrorism.

“Today, the entire humanity is standing at crossroads. Bangladesh has been fighting terrorism in various forms, such as drug trafficking. Bangladesh always supports this global war against terrorism. Our government is trying hard to establish a sense of security among citizens,” he said.

Justice Sinha also put Pakistan in the dock over the issue of Fake Indian Currency Notes(FICN) being pumped into India via Bangladesh.

“This fake Indian currency is manufactured in Pakistan and sent into India via Bangladesh. We are keeping a close watch on this unauthorised channel to detect such activities. We show zero tolerance on offenders involved in this activity,” he said.

– Press Trust of India | Gandhinagar