5:16 pm - Monday May 23, 6388

This Eid, homebound people preferred motorbike service

            Photo: Ibnul Hasan, bdreports24.com 

This year, the power of motorbikes on the road during Eid is growing by three times the amount of power shown the year before. In addition, it is predicted that the death toll will rise. Because motorbikes are considered public transportation in Bangladesh, this situation has arisen.

During this time period, there is an overflowing multitude of people, particularly on trains, buses, and launches, among other modes of transport. Accidents happen at this time of year, and some people take advantage of this helplessness to enrich themselves.

People who are returning home are taking different shortcuts to get to their destination in time to celebrate Eid with their family and escape the unpleasant crowds that are expected. It’s the same with today’s Eid. Passengers are increasingly choosing motorbike transportation over other modes of transportation. As the number of people on the streets grows, so does the likelihood of an accident occurring. The Passenger Welfare Association and other experts, on the other hand, feel that a lack of a comprehensive public transportation system has resulted in people being reliant on motorbikes. In their opinion, motorcycles are unfit for use as public transportation.