5:16 pm - Sunday May 23, 6241

Ticfa challenged in High Court

Why will the Ticfa not be declared illegal?- asking the  government, a  public interest litigation (PIL) writ petition was filed with the High Court on Wednesday. Four lawyers including Nasiruddin, SM Ariful Islam and Monirul Islam Khan jointly filed the PIL writ petition challenging the legality of ‘Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement (Ticfa)’ signed between Bangladesh and the United States.

Six people, including the US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Cabinet Division Secretary and Prime Minister’s Secretary have been made respondents to the petition.

ticfa2They also sought a court stay order on the operation of the impugned agreement until disposal of the writ.

Barrister Moksedul Islam, the counsel for the PIL petitioners, said the agreement was signed through creating pressure on the government of Bangladesh.

On November 25, Dhaka and Washington signed the much-talked-about deal Ticfa in Washington, which the government thinks will help expand trade and investment between Bangladesh and the USA through enhanced cooperation.

The agreement enabled the countries to establish a ‘Forum’ with representatives from both parties to discuss opportunities and interests of bilateral trade and investment, and identify and work to remove impediments to the areas of trade and investment.