4:53 pm - Wednesday May 24, 7911

Tisha fights for Bangla

3333Newly wed Tisha is in a dilemma at her in-laws’ house. The in-laws’ want her to speak Urdu. However, she is admatant that she will speak only and only in Bangla.

No, this is not happening at her real in-laws’; this is the story line of 21 February special soap “Bhasha Andoloner Prothom Shongrami”.

Tisha plays the role of an 18 year girl from Bordhoman who has been wedded off into an lite family. They do not think Bangla is a language worth squat.

The in-laws’ keep Urdu tutor and try their hardest to make sure Tisha speaks Urdu. Tisha is one adamant girl, who will not, at any cost speak in any other language but Bangla. This causes her to go through a lot of misery.

This is a screenplay of a story by Sottyen Sen. This will be broadcast on Friday at 8:20 pm on RTV.