Two years later, markets buzzing ahead of Eid in Narayanganj

There are only a few days remaining for Eid al-Fitr. Small and big markets have been lodgement in different locations of Bangladesh.  The shopping crowds for this year’s Eid al-Fitr have already gathered in Narayanganj’s marketplace. Residents are flocking to the city’s markets to buy Eid clothes. Following a nearly two-year break, the sellers claim that after almost two years, they are hoping to sell well again on Eid.

A similar scenario was seen on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 26th, at the marketplaces of the Chasara and Kalirbazar areas. There were a lot of people buying things at the city’s marketplaces at that point. In addition to shopping for themselves and their families, many have arrived at the market.

Afzal Hossain, a buyer, confirmed to bdreports24 that he had arrived at the market for shopping after 2 years.

Sajjad Ahmed Rokon, a retail cloth shopkeeper at Friends Market in the Kalirbazar area, said the customer turnout in the market is quite good. In addition, sales are going well at this time.

Bappi Dev, a hawker in the Kalirbazar area, told bdreports24, “I can’t sit on the main road (Bangabandhu Road) because of the police.” However, it is also a good place to sell. He mentioned that the product is selling really well post-Corona. I’m hoping to be able to sit here and do business throughout the holiday break.