Winner ­and Loser

                                                                                                                                Md. Habibur Rahman

The world hails every successful man.

It does not entertain the loser.

A loser has many things to achieve.

If (s) he learns anything from his failures.

A winner, however, does not go through the same ordeal as a loser.

You need to confront risk.

If you want to be a winner,

Without a plan and clear focus,

A person’s dream cannot be realized.

Farewell, giving some messages to you

It provides insights and thoughts for you.

Even your opponents welcome you.


Though once upon a time, he opposed your proposal.

Do something unique and different.

People congratulate you on your success.

If you review the world’s history,

You are astonished by some luminous people.

Do they enlighten the world with their unique activities?


Build up your rapport with someone.

The incumbent person will stand with you in every aspect.

They guide you in a direct way.

They support you mentally and financially.

Don’t forget them if you reach your destination.


Your performance will be evaluated by your successor.

Try to act rationally and decently.

Implement the policies as per the rules.

If you do not follow the rules

Nobody is supporting your irresponsible tasks.


Achieving something, it is not an easy process.

A person needs to make many efforts to reach the destination.

Nobody can achieve it without consistent effort.

People will support you if you succeed.

Nobody believes your failure stories.



Md. Habibur Rahman, is a poet, writer, and columnist. Habibur Rahman can be reached at and