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Rakibul announced ‘Queen’s Young Leader’

 The Queen’s Young Leaders programme on Tuesday 8th December 2015 officially announced Rakibul Hasan as a ‘ Queen’s Young Leader’, under the category of ‘Highly Commended Runner-Up’ representing Bangladesh in the Commonwealth nations, says a press release.

Through the programme, Mr. Hasan, a British Council’s Active Citizen, will have exclusive access to the mentors and the bespoke online leadership course, developed by the University of Cambridge titled, ‘Leading Change’.

This is the beginning of a yearlong journey that the programme hopes to provide him with the skills, networks and knowledge that he will need to continue to transform his own life, and the lives of people around him, towards the growth of the society.

Caption: Queen’s Young Leader, Rakibul Hasan striking a pose with Her Excellency Ms. Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat, United Staes ambassador to Bangladesh, during first ever ‘Model SAARC Summit’, organized by South Asian Youth Society in 2015. Photo: Tasmia Rahman Tanjin

Earlier the search began on 09 July 2014, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry to discover, celebrate and support young people from across the Commonwealth, leaving a lasting legacy for Her Majesty The Queen.

undreds of applications flooded in from incredible young people all dedicated to making lasting change in their community and beyond in the 45 Commonwealth countries.

The programme wants to show people across the Commonwealth and beyond the fantastic work he is performing to his community.

Besides, the programme really wants to demonstrate to the Commonwealth what a great job its young leaders are doing. It wants to celebrate everyone’s successes in a way that the whole Queen’s Young Leaders community can access and engage with each other.

Remembering that he is now an ambassador for the programme and the work he does will be associated with Her Majesty The Queen and also his country, Bangladesh.

In October 2014, Mr. Hasan completed his graduation from the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Dhaka. In mid 2015, he received prestigious three-year long Women Deliver fellowship as one of 200 global young leaders in Denmark.

Earlier he started his profession as Research Analyst (RA) at Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS).

Being one of 46 rising professionals in South Asia, U.S. Department of State nominated him for a peacebuilding certificate program titled, ‘Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT) in Nepal. SIT Graduate Institute, USA trained the cohort of rising professionals/young leaders of South Asia in December 2014.

Amidst representing Bangladesh in a Continental UN Peace Summit in Thailand, very recently he was invited in a UN Peacekeeping training on civilian protection, conducted by Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) of United Nations and Bangladesh Army. Moreover, he oftentimes participates in the policy meetings of United Nations Youth Advisory Panel (UNYAP), Bangladesh.

Through a journalism project, he trained hundreds of local and South Asian youths in citizen journalism, editing and publishing their commentaries and features on the much-heated causes they suffer every day. The right to freedom of expression must be inherent to every one of us. And therefore, the idea of citizen journalism, he initiates, aims at training the tender aged school-going students so that they can feel the rights more subconsciously later when they grow up in the society. He volunteers as Head of Media Affairs to region’s largest youth base, ‘South Asian Youth Society (SAYS)’ to perform his community initiatives.

As a peace researcher and a columnist, Mr. Hasan contributes political analyses and serves as the Feature sub-Editor of the Bangladesh Today, since 2013.

At present, he contributes freelance Op-Eds and columns to more than 20 regional newspapers, especially in India, Pakistan, and Nepal on regular basis. Besides, he appears in scores of international conferences and publishes research papers in many International Journals. He generally writes on security issues, including radical Islamism and counterterrorism, public policy, interfaith and peacebuilding, conflict transformation, youth activism and gender minorities etc. He blogs at peacispossible.blogspot.com

Mr. Hasan believes in ensuring freedom of expressions, especially to youth community. He advocates for youth participation in new media and citizen journalism around the country and he evolves the social change process remarkably, especially in forming public opinions among the youths. His experiences of growing-up in a crime zone and studying violence enable him to initiate many of social and community campaigns/ projects raising awareness against types and degrees of violence in the community.

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