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The Probability of Tort Law in Bangladesh

To distinguish a tort from a crime or a violation of contract, which are wrongs committed not only against the state but also against a person, a tort is defined as a civil wrong in English common law. To defend people's rights and property as well as their social standing, the tort law has been established to protect them.

If a claimant suffers loss or harm, and it comprises psychological distress, financial losses, injuries, defamation, privacy, and many other things, people have enough scope to seek reward for the victim’s losses under tort law. In criminal law, the victim cannot get any compensation, but in a tort case, there is adequate sc...

BD RMG workers’ rights during COVID pandemic

Bangladesh, a developing and populous country, has just lately begun preparing for COVID-19. The first COVID-19 patients were revealed on March 8, 2020. Those most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society are most affected by this condition. RMG employees in Bangladesh are one example. Due to their lack of education or incompetence, unskilled employees with weak negotiating power are especially prone to exploitation. Among this well-known susceptible group, Because the number of COVID-19 infections in Bangladesh is growing every day, the Bangladeshi government has ordered a nationwide lockdown starting March 26, 2020. The lockout prompted the closure of the apparel company. The clothing owner dismisses staff...

Prevailing digital divide makes education a hoax

MOST guardians in the city complained that many educational institutions are asking for a huge sum of money for online classes, reports our daily on Thursday. The guardians are much worried regarding participation of their wards in online classes for unusual pressure from the institution  to pay monthly fess and other expenses . As Covid-19 pandemic situation made most of the city dwellers financially crippled, education for children of middle and lower-middle-income families in the city seems to be a nightmare. The online classes have now become t...

DU teachers accused of plagiarism

Dhaka University (DU) authorities have found proof of plagiarism in a joint article of two of its teachers and formed a tribunal to determine their punishment. 

The decision came at a meeting of the university syndicate, after the probe body dealing with the matter submitted their report three years after its formation. In the academic world, plagiarism by students is a matter of concern, while plagiarism, a form of stealing and the temptation of other works, rarely perpetr...

Atrocities of Mayanmar yet again proved by confessions of its two soldiers

THE confessions of two former Myanmar soldiers about their involvement in massacres, rape, and other crimes against Rohingyas and their transfer to the International Criminal Court (ICC) could be a turning point for justice for the Rohingyas. The victims and witnesses to the mass atrocities against the Rohingyas shared their experiences to the UN and other investigators since some 750,000 Rohingyas fled a brutal military campaign in Myanmar's Rakhine State. These confessions could be a turning point for justice for the Rohingyas and helped the ICC as well as global powers to press the Myanmar government to repatriate the ethnic minorities with dignity and citizenship.

In February this year, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), wh...

Eradicating illiteracy by 2014 has been made an utter failure

THE government is still far from its election pledge “eradicating illiteracy” made 12 years ago. The ruling party made the promise to eliminate illiteracy by 2014 but the statistics show that around one in every four people is still illiterate in Bangladesh, even though the AL-led government has been in power for three consecutive terms. In 2008, the literacy rate was 48.8 per cent which increased to 74.7 per cent in 2020. The government statistics also show that there are disparities in the literacy rates between rural and urban areas.

Educationists said that giving less priority to illiteracy became part of Bangladesh’s political culture while the promises made to the public are usually linked to election campaigns designed to sway ...
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