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BD joins global declaration to end sexual violence in conflict    

Bangladesh has joined the ‘Global Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict’ as 123rd country reaffirming its commitment to denounce sexual violence during armed conflicts. British Foreign Secretary William Hague and UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zainab Bangura jointly launched the declaration in New York on September 24, 2013 during the 68th UN General Assembly. Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, in a letter, conveyed the decision to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, said a Foreign Ministry media release on Sunday.

Women deserve better job opportunity

Women’s full potential to contribute to economic and social progress is not yet maximized, according to a book on gender equality and the labor market launched at ADB’s headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Many people still think that women are only capable of taking care of the family and managing households — but there’s nothing farther from the truth nowadays. For Asia to realize and unleash its potential as an economic and development powerhouse, changing that traditional mindset and looking at women as important development stakeholders and providing them with decent and better employment opportunities is absolutely vital, according to the Asian Development Bank. Women in Bangladesh, where the Asian Development Bank funds employment and t...

Women workers drive increased returns for business

In the race to attract and retain the most productive and talented workers, important lessons may lie in the garment factories of Vietnam and mines in Africa. Who would have thought that providing an on-site kindergarten for worker’s children would reduce turnover rates by a third, generating an immediate financial return to Vietnamese garment factory Nalt Enterprise? Who would have thought maintenance costs would decrease when a global mining company put women in the driver’s seat of heavy trucks at Rio Tinto? Women are 40 percent of the global workforce and form the bulk of the workers in many industries including agribusiness, tourism and textiles. And yet we have preconceived notions that too often get in the way of realiz...

Women find liberty in hard labor

Mukhta Mollah, 19, is one of the 350 factory workers at Beauty Garments Pvt. Ltd. She earns $20 working eight hours or longer a day, six days a week. Although her salary may not amount to a lot, working in the factory has given her a measure of independence. The garment factory workers toil for paltry wages. But such jobs have also afforded Bangladeshi girls a measure of independence in a traditional Muslim society. Mukhta Mollah deftly smooths the red fabric and guides it through a whirling sewing machine. She sews side seams on women’s blouses bound for America. Eight hours a day or longer in this hot and sweaty factory. Six days a week.

Women’s unpaid work equivalent to 10.75pc of GDP

The total unpaid domestic work carried out by women in Bangladesh is equivalent to 10.75 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country, Unnayan Onneshan, an independent multidisciplinary think-tank, revealed. Unnayan-OnneshanThe organisation found this in their nation-wide survey based estimate of women domestic work in Bangladesh, first of its kind in the country and released in connection with the International Women’s Day, reports UNB. They revealed that the total unpaid work per year might be equivalent to T...

Dr. Farzana Islam becomes the country’s first female VC

Dr Farzana Islam, a professor of Anthropology department, was appointed the country’s first-ever female Vice Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University (JU) on Sunday for four years. ju-vcA gazette notification in this regard was issued after President Abdul Hamid gave the appointment. On February 20 this year, Senate members of the university elected a three-member Vice Chancellor panel for the appointment of a VC to the university, from which the President picked Dr Farzana who bagged the highest 40 votes out of 70. The other two members of the...