Chatkhil Panchgoan Government High School batch reunion held

A batch- of 16 reunions of Chatkhil Panchgoan Government High School was held. This institution is located in the Noakhali district under Chatkhil Upazila.

After a gruelling wait of six years, the school’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) candidates from the class of 2016 got together for a reunion on May 5th. To celebrate the occasion of Batch’s reunion, all of the students from Batch have travelled from various locations around the nation to be here those who are now enrolled at highly regarded educational institutions around the nation? The students in the batch put in a lot of effort, and their enthusiasm and drive made it feasible for the programme to be implemented.

On hand for the event was Md. Kamal Uddin, who serves as the institution’s headmaster. He served as the one who started off the ceremony. Special guests were Md. Selim Chowdhury, Assistant Headmaster of the school; Md. Noor Mohammad, Senior Teacher of the school; and Mr Amanullah, Senior Teacher. They gave the students comments that were both educational and reflective.

Throughout the course of the programme, there were a few distinct highlights. Activities centred on the arts and sports, as well as introductions and retrospectives, will be provided. After waiting for six long years to see one another again, everyone was overcome with emotion when they finally did so.


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