5:16 pm - Monday May 24, 1688

Dev psychology is the remedy of poverty: Barakat

Professor Abul Barakat said, ‘’ actually, psychology and such related policy of development would be preventive to poverty and these ensure the economic development. And to do this, agricultural, water and land sources would be taken as national importance. Reformation of agriculture, land and water sources can open the new door of development for marginal people.

On Saturday, addressing a day-long seminar title ‘’Bangladesh 7th five-year planning 2016-20’’ ru seminar photoat Kazinajrul Islam auditorium of Rajshahi University, said he.

Professor Abul Barakat also spoke on his speech, there is no relation between GDP growth rate and real prevention of poverty. Economic growth rate can’t remove poverty automatically, can’t remove discrimination and inequality, on the other hand in many cases it may be helpful to grow discrimination-inequality. He also added that it is wrong to understand that development means only economic growth.

On Saturday, Economic department of Rajshahi University and Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) simultaneously arranged the day-long programme. In the second session of the programme , Abul Barakat Professor of Dhaka University presented an article title ‘’ political economy for agricultural reformation’’ on the memorial speech of Prof Mossharof Hosain, presided by Prof Sanat Kumer Saha.

Before on, at 9am Prof Mohammad Mizauddin inaugurated the programme at Kazi Nazrul Islam auditorium. Prof Ashraf Uddin Chowdhury president of Bangladesh Economic Association presided over the seminar and VC Muhammad Mizauddin chair the programme.

As a part of the ay long programme, 3rd session held on Prof Mossharof Hosain gallery. Teachers, economic specialist , planning specialist and students of different University took part the programme.

RU Correspondent