DPSC-UAP workshop on Public Speaking held

The inauguration of “Intra University Debating and Public Speaking, Fall-21” was on April 11, Monday.
Air Cdre (Retd) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury, Treasurer, University of Asia Pacific, was the chief guest of the event; Nazia Wahab, Convener of DPSC, and most of the DPSC committee members were also present there.

As the major debating and public speaking club, DPSC has held both online and offline debates, speech contests, and championships. Our group wants to help kids become more confident by teaching them how to debate and speak in front of other people

This Tuesday, April 12th, the Debating and Public Speaking  Club-UAP conducted a workshop on public speaking.

MD Shah Newaj was the instructor for this workshop. Previously, Mr Newaj served as Vice President of the Bangabandhu Hall Debating Club, Office Secretary of the Dhaka University Debating Society, General Member of the Trilok Bachik Pathsala, and Founder Vice President of the Dhaka University Reciting Society, which is now called the Dhaka University Debating Society.

During the session, the trainer addressed “extempore speech” and “public speaking” briefly, and then discussed a few common challenges that speakers experience. Following that, there was a Q & A session. At the conclusion of his training, he gave a three-minute solo presentation on a variety of themes. He then identified the participants’ weak spots and areas for improvement.