5:16 pm - Saturday May 23, 4303

Garment workers block roads at Narayanganj for dues

The workers of Beka Garments and Textiles of Adamji EPZ are protesting by blocking the road, demanding wages in the area of Chasara Narayanganj. On Wednesday (April 27) afternoon, they blocked one side of Bangabandhu Road in front of Narayanganj Press Club.

During this period, the workers demanded that their dues be explained in time. The workers said that at least 8 to 900 workers work in Beka Garments and Textiles, located in the Adamji EPZ area of Siddirganj. Some of them have two months’ salary pending, and some have three months’ salary pending.

Beka Garments and Textiles has been delaying our wages for three months, claimed Rakibul Hasan, one of the agitated employees. The owners have said that they will pay the wages, but they haven’t yet taken any of the steps that are necessary to make sure that any of the employees’ wages are paid on time.

Safoora Khatun, a woman worker, said they were suffering because they were not being paid. There is no point in repeatedly telling the owner about the pain. On the one hand, it is the month of Ramadan, Eid is approaching, the rent for the house is due, I am experiencing significant difficulties with my children, and the owner is not paying the wage. Therefore, they are compelled to impede and irritate the traffic.

Workers from Beka Garments and Textiles had earlier stopped the Shimrail-Adamji route at 11 a.m. on Saturday (April 21) in a protest demanding salaries. They were then removed from the road with the assurance that they would be paid for any unpaid wages as soon as possible. However, because none of them has yet received their pay, they continue to demonstrate by blocking the road.

Asaduzzaman, Superintendent of Police of Narayanganj Industrial Police (Zone 4) stated beka garment and textile workers have been holding a protest since noon, demanding three months’ unpaid wages. We’ve tried contacting the property’s management company multiple times in the past. They then stated that they will provide an explanation for the workers’ unpaid wages. However, they did not do so and instead left the mobile phone switched off for the previous few days. As a result, communication with them is no longer feasible. The workers are participating in a legitimate strike to demand their accrued earnings. We’re trying to be sympathetic to them. What else are we expected to do? We are, however, on high alert to ensure that there is no chaos.