Gold price goes down again

The gold price has gone down again in the local market for a downward trend in the price of the precious metal in the global market.

Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association in a press release on Tuesday said the price of per bhori (1 Bitcoinbhori = 11.664 grams) ornament-grade (22-carat) gold has decreased by up to Tk 1,050 and the new price would be effective from Wednesday.

As per the new rate, the 22-carat gold would be sold at Tk 42,223 per bhori.

Besides, 21-carat would be sold at Tk 40,124 per bhori, 18-carat at Tk 33,475 per bhori and alloy-mixed gold would be sold at Tk 22,569.

The price of per bhori silver has been set at Tk 933.

According to the Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association, 22-carat gold was being sold at Tk 43,273 per bhori until Tuesday, 21-carat at Tk 41,173, 18-carat at Tk 34,525.

The association earlier on 6 August cut the gold price by up to Tk 1,224 per bhori although it again raised the price on 23 August.

-Prothom Alo


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