How Google can plan your healthy meal!

food.png-640Type apple vs orange in your google web browser and you instantly get the nutritional information of these fruits, displayed side by side in a chart.

All thanks to a new tool installed by Google.

The tool that appears automatically is especially useful for those who want to plan a healthy meal as they can now easily compare how much calories they would be consuming in a portion of the foods.

The results can also be obtained if the word ‘compare’ precedes two food items (“compare pizza and pasta” for example).

A drop down menu in the tool allows the users to change portion or preparation methods or additions to see how they change the nutritional content of the food.

The tool gathers nutritional information taken from the US Department of Agriculture.

This implies that while the tool can be used for many bizarre combinations of food, it may not be helpful for planning all local Indian meals, Daily Mail reported.