#HeForShe for workplace gender ratio

Bikroy increased its female employee ratio from 29% to 36% in 2016 as part of its commitment to the UN Women-led #HeForShe campaign. Earlier in 2016, the online marketplace was a signatory of the UN Women-initiated solidarity campaign for WEPs to establish gender parity. Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), is a global initiative developed in collaboration between UN Women and the UN Global Compact to raise awareness against gender disparity and leverage women empowerment.

Jahanara Alam, Captain, Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team was invited to head one of the IMG_2501-r2company’s “Moner Janala” sessions to share her views on gender parity and motivate women at Bikroy. Bikroy.com has initiated several sessions under their “Moner Janala” Program where the company continues its initiatives to create a healthier working environment and ensure continuous professional development for its female employees.

Ms. Alam talked about the importance of family in being successful in the male-dominated Bangladeshi workplace. “Courage is the main factor which allowed me to achieve what I have, but courage alone is not enough. A woman must also have the support of her family to follow her dreams – I am lucky that mine has supported me in achieving my goals.”

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