IUBAT plans yearlong celebration of its Silver Jubilee

Established in 1991 the first private university of Bangladesh, IUBAT — International University of Business Agriculture and Technology has begun its yearlong celebration of Silver Jubilee through Sukrana Doa, Meelad Mahfil and cutting the anniversary cakes. The theme of the yearlong Silver Jubilee celebration is ‘Higher Education for Every Qualified Person with Finance for Meritorious but Needy’.

As a part of the Silver Jubilee celebration, the Academic retreat for all faculty and members of IUBATthe Board of Governors was organized at Sea Gull Hotel in Cox’s Bazar. The theme of the Retreat was Preparing Graduates for the Identified Career Paths.

Presided over by the Founder and Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr M Alimullah Miyan, taskforces of BBA, MBA, BCSE, BSCE, BSME, BSEEE, BSAg, BAEcon, BATHM and BSN programs as well as taskforces of the proposed programs like EMBA, DVM, BS in Mathematics, English, BA in Law of the university made presentations on the academic and professional career paths for students of respective program. Each presentation was followed by open floor discussion while faculty members of the other programs provided feedback to make the career paths complete and comprehensive. The Members of the Board of Governors also contributed to the process through sharing their views on the academic and professional career paths for the students. Thus, complete and comprehensive academic and professional career paths for the students studying in different programs of the university have been prepared.

Following the formal part, all faculty and members and Board of Governors enjoyed sea beach in Cox’s Bazar, paid touristic visits to Saint Martin and Chera Dwep islands and stayed overnight at the Saint Martin. During the overnight stay in Saint Martin, a cultural program was organized where faculty members as well as members of the Board of Governors performed dance and songs.

The cultural program was followed by a fish Bar-B-Q. This five day academic retreat was enjoyed by all participants and they have come back to the university campus with the pledge of utilizing the knowledge and experiences earned in teaching and have began delivering education.

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