JANIPOP observes 2 by-elections

Jatiya Nirbachon Parjobekkhon Parishad (JANIPOP) has observed the by-election of Dhaka-10 and Gaibandha-3 on March 21, 2020. The vote casting began at 9.00 AM and ended at 5.00 PM without any break. Five short-term observers of JANIPOP have observed 20 polling stations with reference to Dhaka-10 constituency on a mobile basis.

On the other hand, in Gaibandha-3 constituency four observers have monitored 8 polling stations. The Founder and Chairman of JANIPOP Prof Dr Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah has coordinated the by-election observation missions of Dhaka 10 and Gaibandha 3. It should be mentioned that the election was conducted using Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) at Dhaka-10 constituency whereas paper ballot was in use with reference to Gaibandha-3.

JANIPOP has found that the law and order situation of polling stations in both the constituencies as satisfactory. It should be noted that media presence was also remarkable. Due to the fear of Coronavirus infections the voter turn out was low.

In the light of overall observations, JANIPOP is of the opinion that the by-elections of Dhaka-10 and Gaibandha-3 were peaceful.