‘My home’ not to be blared with fake housing cos

Undoubtedly it’s a dream of all the city dwellers to own a home. To realize the ‘my home’ they usually go to different housing companies and the brokers who most of the times deceive them. So, ‘dream of my home’ only remains a far cry for the inhabitants of Dhaka city teeming with more than 1.2 million people. While the government is not capable of meeting the accommodation demand of the city people, they have to rely on those tricksters engaged in housing business only to making quick buck, not for the minimum benefits of the city residents.

bdreports24-300x214Many reports published in various media said, hundreds of billboards of ‘Dream Cities’ tendering ‘all modern facilities’ are being hung around the city to attract land buyers. But in reality, in most cases, these dream cities lie under the pool water or whether they have any existence is not obvious to the buyers or the concerned authority. That these schemes are fake are known almost to everybody. But none seems bother it, and the victims keep silent as the grabbers are either most powerful persons or they remain under the umbrella of powerful authority.

The so-called housing schemes are situated in DAP area of RAJUK and the companies who offer such housing facilities use RAJUK tag of affiliation. But RAJUK rules out the responsibility of controlling such hypocritical businesses claiming its jurisdiction limitations. So far we know that every housing plan or structure under DAP area needs RAJUK’s recognition. As the housing companies allured people by showing many legal evidences with possible facilities even the RAJUK’s registration number as their tags, so RAJUK cannot ignore its liability. People from middle-income groups are being defrauded loosing their hard earned money by these unethical business mindsets. On the other hand, a group of local inhabitants is being marginalized loosing their lands due to illegal grabbing by the purported realtors.

Surprisingly, the vested quarters are now targeting the expatriates who are not much aware of such deceptions and therefore can easily be trapped. It has arisen a possibility of loosing the opportunity of potential investment from our NRBs. We are here to say that, as the housing business claims mainly downtrend investment having a less value add possibility, so investment in this sector should not be taken with sensitive care. Besides, the National Housing Authority who is the government sole agency working with solving housing crunch of the city dwellers must be made more active and efficient.

Housing business is not only a windfall gain; rather it bears a social responsibility, human interest and environmental canopy. Therefore, who are engaged in real state business must carry the view of public interest from diversified angles.   The affordable housing shortage is still an enormous challenge particularly for the capital. Under public-private partnership (PPP), the government can make a boost in its efforts to provide housing service in the capital and must take strong vigilance against the fake housing companies who are snatching way the last savings of a tough earning city resident.