No loans for packaging sans using jute sacks

Producers and traders of six essential goods will not get loans from bank if they fail to use jute sacks as directed by the government, Bangladesh Bank (BB) said today.

The central bank in a circular said before approving fresh loan or renew the existing ones all bbbanks should make sure that their clients who produce or trade paddy, rice, sugar, wheat, maze and fertilizers use jute sacks for packaging.

BB said that the directive was issued in-line with the government’s decision of making use of jute sacks and bags mandatory to package paddy, rice, sugar, wheat, maze and fertilizers.

The government earlier said that it would ensure compulsory use of jute bags for packaging the six essentials goods after October 25. It, however, was also decided that the rice millers should make sure using of jute sacks and bags after November 30.