R2P’s certificate course on Research Proposal held

Right to Peace (R2P) carried out a certificate course on ???????? ???????? ??? u????????? s??????? ??? r??????? e?????????? from 12 to 19 September 2020. R2P is an organization of youths with an aim to ensure ‘the right to peace’ of the people and to empower the countries youth in the process. The course was organized with the association of Skillspro a skill development platform by R2P.

It was an excellent opportunity for university students and researchers to participate in the online certificate course on ????????? ???????? ????????: ?????????? ???????? ??? ???????? ???????. Writing research proposal is an important skill for interested ones since this document explains the merit and significance of any project designed with either academic or professional purpose. It is the critical document to convince the supervisor or donor to accept and support what has been thought and planned.

The 2-day course incorporated four sessions of theoretical discussion, brainstorming, practical learning and Q/A session.  After completing the course, participants have learnt to frame a research problem, conduct a literature review, design research with proper methodology and framework of analysis and develop a piece of writing in academic style and standard.

For a university student, this course has been a great learning experience as it took them through the basics of research designing and academic writing step by step.

The course was supervised by two university teachers who are- Dr. Saber Ahmed Chowdhury, University of Dhaka and Mohammad Main Uddin, Bangladesh University of Professionals.

This course focused not only on training the participants on the research proposal, but also on academic writing. Moreover, the organizers had a noble cause behind this. The entire revenue earned from this course has been donated to the R2P charity fund and will be used to help corona affected people all over the country.

The organization awarded all the regular participants with completion certificate as future recognition at the conclusion of the course.