SJIBL Securities reelects its Chair, Vice-Chairs

Alhaj Mohiuddin Ahmed re-elected Chairman of ShahjalalIslami Bank Securities Ltd. unanimously in the 33rd meeting of the Board of Directors of Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities Alhaj Mohiuddin Ahmed, Chairman, Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities Ltd.-1Limited (SJIBSL) was held at 20th September 2015. Alhaj Md. Sanaullah Shahid and Alhaj Mohammad Younus were re-electedVice-Chairmen in the same meeting.

Re-elected Chairman Alhaj Mohiuddin Ahmed was born in a noble Muslim family at Bangshal in the old city of Dhaka. Renowned Businessman Mr. Mohiuddin is the Chairman of Rupsha Trading Corporation, Mohiuddin & Company and Pacific Automobile. He is the sponsor Director of Islami Insurance Company BD Ltd. He was also Founder Vice-Chairman of Southeast University. Mr. Mohiuddin is engaged in several social welfare organizations.

Alhaj Md. Sanaullah Shahid, Vice-Chairman, Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities Ltd.-2 Re-elected Vice-Chairman Alhaj Md. Sanaullah Shahid was born in a noble Muslim family in Dhaka City in 1963. Mr. Shahid engaged in Electronics business after completion of his Hon’s degree in Commerce. He is a Sponsor Shareholder and Director of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. Mr. Shahid is the Chairman of Electra International Ltd., a Sole Distributor of Samsung Brand Electronics Goods.

Re-elected another Vice-Chairman Alhaj Mohammad Younus was born in a respectable Muslim family in Munshigonj District in 1958. Mohammad Younus, Vice-Chairman, Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities Ltd.-3Renowned Industrialist and Businessman Mr. Younus has a long and creditable business experience for about two decades and engaged in Papers, Fabrics and Cold storages industries. Mr. Younus is the Managing Director of Sobhan Ice & Cold Storage Ltd., Younus Filament Industries Ltd., Younus plastic Industries Ltd., Younus Cold Storage Ltd., Quality Accessories Ltd., Ananta Paper Mills Ltd., Younus Fine Paper Mills Ltd., Younus Spinning Mills Ltd., Sonali Paper and Board Mills Ltd., Sharif Cold Storage Ltd., Younus Newsprint Mills Ltd., Younus Offset Paper Mills Ltd. He is also Director of NTV. He engaged in many Social and Cultural Organizations since a long time.


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