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Emami presents Valentine’s Day film

This Valentine's day, Emami Fair & Handsome is releasing online an exclusive short-film geared towards the young generation titled "Bodle Jawar Golpo". The 15 minute film is directed by Bangladeshi National award-winning young director Redwan Rony. _DSC0128The film will be released at 12:01 am on 14th February 2016, the dawn of Valentines' day on Emami Fair & Handsome's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theultimatemen/?fref=ts. A press conference was held at a hotel in the capital city regarding the film l...

Diplomats ask for additional security

Diplomats on Tuesday asked for additional security everywhere across the country. After a government briefing with diplomats, British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Gibson said, “We discussed about strengthening security everywhere.” diplomatsThe briefing which started at 3:15pm at the state guesthouse Padma, was attended by the heads of diplomatic missions, the UN and other international bodies in the country. Two foreigners in Bangladesh, Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella and Japanese Kunio Hoshi were shot dead in Dhaka and Rangpur in...

Women taking charge from top to bottom

Rani Mondal searches the floor of the riverbed with her fingers, craning her neck above the water. The river is home to a farm of clawing crabs. “It hurts a lot when you are bitten but you apply salt and Savlon and go to the doctor’s if it gets septic,” Mondal said. An award-winning crab farmer living on the edge of the Bay of Bengal, she used to be extremely poor. Her village has been battered repeatedly by cyclones, making the ground too salty for large-scale agriculture. [caption id="attachment_20028" align="alignright" width="650"]Rani Mondal (centre) and fellow crab farmers, who work...
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