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Bangladesh aims for 10pc GDP growth

In previous iterations of FinanceAsia’s Bangladesh Investment Summits, speakers sought to convince investors that their negative perception of the country was out of date with the reality. Today there is a consensus that Bangladesh is a success story. The next challenge is therefore to increase foreign investment and raise economic growth rates by developing the country’s social development, said Gowher Rizvi, international affairs Dhaka Streetadvisor to Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister. “We don’t have to apologize about our image,” Rizvi ...

Nazrul Islam: The Rebel Bengali Poet

Kazi Nazrul Islam, better known as the rebel Bengali poet, is considered as the second poet of the Rabindra period, at least in its later phase. He is eminent both as a writer and musician- a rare combination not to be found in any celebrity of his age other than, of course, Rabindranath himself. He was by nature and conviction a people's poet and believed all through his literary career that "art is for the people". Nazrul had his primary education at a Madrasa. He learnt Persian and Arabic from Maulavi Kazi Fazle Ahmed. He passed his lower primary examination at the age of ten. But he could not complete his primary education although he got an opportunity to continue his study at a high school at Mathrun where Kumudranjan Mullick, a noted poet, was its ...

Moving toward quality water and sanitation services

Access to sanitation lags behind access to water. Quality of service is poor, with intermittent supplies, continuing environmental degradation, and financially weak service providers. Moreover, future water availability is not guaranteed. Uncertainty about water resources will most profoundly affect poor populations, who often live in disaster-prone areas such as overcrowded settlements and low-lying deltas. Water variability will also strongly impact providers’ ability to maintain adequate quality and quantity of services. There is no universal solution to these challenges, but the World Bank sees them under three

Benefits of listing business in a visible business directory

As technology takes control in most aspects of life today, business men and company owners are taking advantage of the benefits that technology, precisely the internet, has provided for them. In Bangladesh, entrepreneurs are striving everyday to get their business become noticed by customers and market as a whole. One of the ways in which they are doing this is by getting listed in visible business directories like Infoisinfo. Online business directories in specific provide businesses with very many advantages other than exposure. Such advantages include;
  • Reaching your targeted audience

Empowering South Asian youths thru’ ICT, media

Region’s influential policy-based youth organization, South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) for the first time ever hosted a shadow SAARC conference titled, ‘Model SAARC Summit 2015 in Dhaka. U.S. Embassy Dhaka sponsored the summit with collaboration from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. SAARCThe summit was segmented in couple of sessions in a period of three days, happening in capital’s Edward M Kennedy Center (EMK) and Brac Inn Center successively. Particularly the second day commenced with an informal session where the ...

The World Bank has accountability problem

In April members of impoverished fishing and farming communities near the Tata Mundra coal-fired power plant in Gujarat, India, filed a lawsuit in Washington, D.C., against the World Bank Group’s private lending arm, the International Financial Corp. (IFC), which funded the project, seeking remedies for harms to their environment, livelihood and health. The IFC is asking the district court to dismiss the suit, claiming absolute immunity for harms caused by the project, which would leave the plaintiffs without an effective avenue of redress. “The IFC’s defense boils down to this: ‘We are above the law,’” Rick Herz, the litigation coordinator for the human rights and environmental advocacy group EarthRights