Reproductive health education should be included in school-college curricula

Shahriar Islam Shovon

Reproductive health education is high-quality teaching and learning about a broad variety of topics related to sex and sexuality. It includes human development, puberty, anatomy, and gender identity. Aside from promoting self-awareness and familial bonds, sexual education emphasizes the significance of interpersonal interactions. Reproductive health education teaches us how to conduct ourselves in sexual relationships. Having knowledge about sex education may help you with your sexual health, including sexually transmitted infections, birth control, pregnancy, and abortion. Bangladesh is a country with a rich cultural heritage.

According to the Department of Primary Education of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the total number of primary teachers is 3 lac 22 thousand, and the total number of students is 2 crore 19 lac 32 thousand, resulting in a student-to-teacher ratio of around 68 students to one teacher. The question now is whether or not a single instructor can provide acceptable service to such a vast number of students. Furthermore, the more fundamental question is whether or not there is an appropriate learning environment for the purpose of teaching. It should be noted that, even in this instance, there is a tendency among primary and secondary school teachers to ignore certain chapters that serve as a source of covert interest among the students. In addition, they find these chapters rather embarrassing since they do not discuss them openly with one another, as they should. And it is at this point that the difficulties begin. Inertia begins to build, with disastrous repercussions.

Experts predict that the Department of Secondary and Higher Education’s proposal to implement sexual and reproductive health education in schools would be met with significant opposition. According to these experts, it is because Bangladeshis are still unwilling to speak freely about sexual and reproductive health. It has been noted in the past that the chapters on teenage development are often ignored by the instructors in the classroom. In this kind of situation, there are questions about whether or not the new curriculum integration strategy can be implemented.

In Bangladesh, it is not common for people to freely address these topics in social situations. She is much more apprehensive about consulting with a doctor regarding sexual difficulties. Three hundred and fifty-five schools in four districts participated in the five-year “Generation Breakthrough” program. There were 50 madrasa educational institutes within the list of schools. However, if this number is not raised, it is more probable that these concerns will be ignored.

It is critical to promote awareness among teachers, students, and parents in order to break through this impasse. Consequently, it is necessary to place a strong emphasis on the instructors who will be responsible for instructing this topic in order for them to acquire the appropriate knowledge and abilities. It will be possible for them to alter their study style if required. Teacher preparation, both in terms of knowledge and teaching attitude, is critical to overcoming the crisis. Thus, teachers must be taught and certified in order to do their jobs effectively.

Shahan cartoon CDs have been created in order to make the teaching of these subjects easier and more efficient. They have been distributed to all district education offices for distribution to different institutions, according to a statement from the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE). A bad impression will be generated among students if the concerns are not tackled openly and honestly. As time goes on, it will become more difficult to break free of the so-called social barrier.

Parents, in addition to schools, have an important role to play in educating their children about ‘sex’. And it is for this reason that the most essential thing is to establish a direct connection with the kid, so that the youngster may freely discuss any issue without hesitation. Because of our strong friendship, I have had a really close relationship with my daughter since I was very young. The two of them interacted like friends and discussed a variety of topics. The girl believes that since there isn’t much of a gap in our ages, our friendship has gotten more straightforward. To be sure, I believe that it is important to take precautions to guarantee that the gap between the mother and the kid does not develop at any point in time. In German culture, although not in the traditional sense, students don’t get angry or have bad appetites when physical education topics are talked about and taught honestly.

There should be a more open and knowledgeable conversation about sex in Bangladesh and even in India, as well as about reproductive health education in general. People will become more conscious of the situation as a result of this. Bengalis, it seems to me, are trailing behind in terms of sex education in terms of education, modernity, fashion, and attire. However, this may be due to cultural differences.

From puberty onward, a person’s development into the person they will be at maturity is ongoing. An insatiable curiosity characterizes the adolescent years; thus, if a medical or mental crisis occurs during this period, the ramifications are severe in later life. Normally, parents would leave their children behind, but this is not the case. Though the whole world is talking about places where children might get into trouble, we still have the attitude of keeping these things hidden from children. Incorporating sexual education into the curriculum of both high school and college would be the ideal solution. What students can and cannot do, as well as how to accomplish it. ” Perhaps alternative instances, such as these, can be taught by instructors.

(The author Shahriar Islam Shovon is working as a Chief Reporter at bdreports24)