Student politics serves as a beacon for future leaders

MD Habibur Rahman Robin

Student politics emerged in Bengal during the early nineteenth century, adding a new dimension to the state’s political landscape. Students’ politics took on an institutional shape in the early part of the twentieth century with the rise of the revolutionary terrorist movement, followed by the Swadeshi movement, and finally the non-cooperation movement.

Student life is a formative phase in a person’s life that should not be ignored. At that point, a student is attempting to reshape himself into a person who will be fit for his or her future. For example, what happens when a farmer anticipates a high yield? When a farmer sows quality seeds, he may anticipate receiving a strong crop. Similar to this, students in our nation may prepare for the future by training to be well-seasoned directors of state or government agencies.

Someone who is competent or experienced in any field, for example. It is impossible to become skilled or experienced in a single day. Similar to this, as soon as a student enters the area of politics, he gains valuable experience. That can’t be. If a student wants to become a successful politician, he or she must possess genuine bravery or honesty. Only through the efforts of such a student can politics attain success in life.

A deserving student in our nation has the potential to become a conscientious and patriotic citizen in the future. Willpower is not the same in all situations, just as it is not the same in ordinary individuals. Even such students lack even the smallest amount of willpower. Every student may have a distinct set of goals.

Different individuals may pursue a variety of different professions. On the other hand, people who choose to spend their lives helping others and contributing to the success of the country should be able to take part in student politics. Because of their participation in student politics, students are better able to contribute to their communities’ well-being and national prosperity regardless of where they begin their professional careers in business, government, or the private sector. They also have a greater awareness of their own rights and responsibilities.

One thing should not be forgotten in our country: we are a multicultural society. The language movement began during the British era, and students in every sector, including the great fight for independence in 1971, participated in this movement. and make significant contributions.

This includes the linguistic movement of 1952, the election of the United Front in 1954, the movement, the historic 6-point and 11-point rebellions of 6, the mass uprising of 1969, the election of 1970, and the freedom achieved via the Great Liberation War in 1971. In particular, student politics in this nation played a historic part in the anti-dictatorship movement of 1991, which was hailed as a triumph.

Students are the future of our country, and one day they will be the ones who will lead the country in its development. As a result, everything is taken into consideration for us. Everyone in the nation should be able to participate in student politics in a safe environment.

(The author MD Habibur Rahman Robin is a President of Bangladesh Student League, Tejgaon College)