Textile seminar to focus on sustainability

Bangladesh textile seminar that will kick off from February 16 will focus on sustainability in the textile industry. The two-day programme will analyse the Bangladesh textile industry to undertake various corporate social responsibilities. The summit is a platform to connect with textile industry peers, existing customers and potential clients.

rmgbdThe conference aims at analysing the Bangladesh textile industry in order to get a better understanding of its textile market and avoid the risks while finding opportunities.

The summit is also platform for international buyers to learn the latest sourcing strategies and trends in Bangladesh textile industry, and for suppliers it is a way to find the solution to the problems they face while investing in factories. Meanwhile, it is also an opportunity for exchanges, communication and mutual assistance.

Experts from various organisations including Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies and Center for Policy Dialogue will be speaking at the programme. These speakers will focus on several issues such as latest development situation and prospects of the textile industry in Bangladesh, best solution for textile sustainability in Bangladesh and ethical sourcing, buyers’ practice to the suppliers’ corporate social responsibility audit in Bangladesh among others. The programme will also host a panel discussion on sustainable sourcing and developing trends in Bangladesh textile market.


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