IBBL SME Investment: Golden success in silver initiative

Golam Nabi of Natore, could not progress in academic education but dreamt to be self-reliant. He began fish farming in 1994 with a small funding of his own. He started production of fish fries commercially and supplying those to the local farmers. Though the local people were hardly interested in fish firming primarily, Golam Nabi did not stop to manage them. He continued fries production steadily and marketed these in locality with own resources. Gradually he got positive response from local farmers in fish firming. He finds no alternative but expanding business. But he could not do that due to lack of fund. His initiative never stopped though the business was running with severe financial crisis. Fri production and fisheries were sluggish due to fund crisis. IBBL stood beside Golam Nabi. Natore Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited stood beside Golam Nabi with SME investment of tk. 2 lacs. He expanded business with this Golam Nobiinvestment and could hardly look back. He got lease of 6-7 ponds and produced fish fries to supply commercially.

Golam Nobi, now one of the big investment clients of the Bank, availed investment limit of tk. 2.00 crore utilizing tk. 1.86 crore. He is now farming fish in water bodies measuring three hundred bighas and own several ponds. His farm is now famous for quality fish fries getting popularity day by day. About one hundred people are now working in his fish farm that has generated employment for thousands more people. More educated youths are now showing interest and coming forward to employ themselves this fish sector which supplying nutrition for the country people beside economic development. Islami Bank has been nourishing this life oriented initiative to expand this sector.

Like Golam Nabi, Islami Bank has developed 63 thousand successful SME entrepreneurs by SME investment that generated employment opportunities for 9 lakh people of which remarkable portion is women. Up to September 2015, the bank’s investment in this sector raised Tk. 1,85,960 million contributing 27 per cent market share in SME investment distribution nationally. Islami Bank has been contributing in sustainable development of the country through SME investment.

Islami Bank has introduced several SME products like Small Business Investment Scheme, Micro Industries Investment Scheme, Agricultural Implement Investment Scheme, NRB Entrepreneurs Investment Scheme and Women Entrepreneurs Investment Scheme. Through Rural Development Scheme, Islami Bank has been trying to develop entrepreneurs from the marginal poor. Food, agricultural, leather, textiles, handicrafts, electronics, recycling, import and export, wholesale and retail trade, telecommunications, transport, information technology, hotel and restaurant etc. are the priority sector of SME investment. SME services are being given at all branches of the Bank through out the country.