JUTA observes work abstention over proposed pay scale

Jahangirnagar University Teacher’s Association (JUTA) observed three-hour work abstention programme on Sunday to press home their demand for a separate payscale for university teachers.

In part of their movement, they also started signature campaign in front of the New Arts Building of the university today.

JU Photo 1Speakers threatened to go for tougher movement if the government would implement the pay scale ignoring the teachers’ demand.

Also they inform to the newsman, the scheduled examination will be out of purview of the programme.

Soon after publishing the proposed pay scale, JUTA has been observing several protest programmes including holding press conference, formation of human chain, abstention for work, since last three months terming it “discriminatory” for the university.

Among others, Prof. Mafruhi Sattar, general secretary of JUTA, Prof. Rasheda Akhter, Prof. Kamrul Ahsan, Prof. Abdullah hel Kafi, Prof. Abu Dayen were present the protesting programme.

Assad, JU Correspondent