Life is a series of ups and down

Md Habibur Rahman

“Life is some span of time.”

Sometimes it gives something

Sometimes it offers nothing.

Sometimes it provides messages for the future.

Sometimes it reminds us of old letters.

Sometimes it heals you.

Sometimes it hurts you.

Everything depends on your actions.

Life is unpredictable.

It is an uncertain fact.

It is hopeless for pessimists,

It is worthless to pessimists.

Life is precious to human beings.

It is a wonderful journey indeed.

It is a big lesson for the loser after a battle.

It was an inspiration for the winner.

Despite the fact each participant has an equal chance.

Life contains some perplexing moments.

People can learn something from it.

It differentiates good things from bad things.

It highlights many moments of sorrow and joy.

Life is a playground with a battlefield.

Every player gets the same amount of time.

Human beings should allocate time in their own way.

People cannot predict the future and its outcome.

They are only observers of every event.

However, they can try to change the result with their positive actions.

Life is an exam corridor.

The result depends on the actions of the pupil.

Thus, every moment is precious to the applicant.

The result can determine the destiny of the applicant.

Life is a shadow for human beings.

It fills in the ups and downs.

It reveals many unknown facts.

It uncovers many mysteries of daily life.

It shows the right things in due time.

Life is nothing but a series of insight messages for the future.

It is nothing but a calculation of some span of time.

It is nothing but a cost and benefit analysis of memories.

It is nothing but a maneuver of human lives with different goals.

Life is a harsh reality.

It’s filled with gloomy and uncomfortable things.

It bothers us that there is no reason.

It reminds us of Armageddon, the last day of human life.

Life is a story.

It is full of tragedy.

It is brimming with joy for the optimistic.

It is full of sorrow.

Life is love.

We are filled with joy as a result of it.

It fills the void left by hatred.

It fills in the breakup and reunion.

Life is you.

It is we.

It is concerned about us.

It cares for ours.

Hence, love it with care.

Life is indefinable.

It calculates nothing.

It computes everything.

It judges your actions in this earthly life and afterlife.

Life is like an episode.

Play your role actively.

Otherwise, you will fade away.

Every actor wants to be part of the drama.

Your performances will be evaluated by the audience.

Life rotates with the critic’s comments.

Face your critics and opponents.

Address the critic’s observations.

It will upgrade your life chapter.

Life rotates with songs.

Listen to the Life Song melody verse.

Some songs cry out to you.

Some songs are to cheer you up.

Life is a myth.

Unfold the myth and the shadow.

Confront the reality.

Face the harsh facts.

The weather will be smooth.

Life is a series of ups and downs.

It is filled with many challenges.

Confront the hurdles with a brave heart.

Some hurdles lead to victory.

Some difficulties are so severe that they threaten death.

Life is made up of facts.

Utilize your time with good intentions.

Check the facts to review your activities.

However, your future depends on your present actions.

Life is oxygen.

It forms with different chemicals and organs.

Keep away from CO2.

Inhale sufficient oxygen to exhale CO2.

Your actions will define your future destiny.

Life is H₂O.

Some water is undrinkable.

Some water is unusable.

Justify it before drinking and using it.

Life is full of chemistry.

It forms many substances with it.

It has romantic moments.

It has a pathetic flashback.

Enjoy the full synthesis with different chemical compounds.

Life is accounting.

Spending money with your budget.

Allocate your funds to the right sector.

Calculate your expenditure carefully.

Life is a circle.

It cannot overcome the circumference.

Follow your radius until it reaches its diameter.

Decorate your circle with a beautiful mind and soul.

Life is a pitch.

Draw your rays to reach the vertex.

Your path fills in acute, and obtuse angles.

The right angle is determined by your actions.

Life is the weather.

Sometimes it looks gloomy.

It appears to be sunny at times.

If you see a storm and lightning, don’t be alarmed.

Everything will be fine after a certain period of time.

Life is a book.

Choose suitable words to make a sentence.

Your syntax makes the chapter.

Modify the chapter consecutively.

Life is research.

Find your research gap.

Determine the research issues.

Lead your research as per the objectives.

Human beings will benefit from your findings.

Life is a business.

Invest your money in the right project.

Choose some good customers.

They buy your products permanently.

A defaulter is unlucky for your business.

Life is made up of memories.

It laughs at you for your history.

It cries out for your beloved one.

It kills you to hide from your past memories.

It evaluates you and your actions.

Life is a precious gift from the creator.

Nobody harms it intentionally.

Everything is important and undividable.

Human beings should take care of it.

We cannot do anything immaturely and unwisely.

(Md Habibur Rahman is a poet, writer, and columnist)